Hello GSoC! – An Introduction

This summer, I am participating in the Google Summer of Code, as my proposal to the XMPP Standards Foundation has been accepted. You can view an abstract of my application here.

The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is an open and powerful XML technology for real-time communication, widely mentioned as the future of online messaging and presence. XSF is the community shaping the XMPP standarts. It sounds exciting to develop open source software in collaboration with such a great community.

From April 21 to May 26 is the community bonding period, giving students the opportunity to learn about the organization's processes, get in contact with the community and also read some documentation.

The people at Jabber already welcomed us very warm. Peter Saint-Andre has sent copies of the books "The Pragmatic Programmer" and "Getting Things Done" to all of the XMPP GSoC students. Also my mentor Gaston Dombiak has been very kind to me since I first contacted him about my proposal.

I will be working on Updating and Improving BOSH Support of Openfire, which is considered one of the most popular Jabber servers. One thing to note is, that it is the only server-side project in XSF among the proposals accepted in 2008. Tomas Karasek is also working on BOSH support for Gajim. Links to other XSF GSoC students' blogs are in my blogroll.


I'll try to be in jdev chat room (huni) during my GSoC work. You can also contact me via email or jabber at:


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