Choosing a Load Testing Framework

Before working on a timeline, we had to identify the unknown part of the project: load testing. We plan to do load testing, benchmarking and fine tuning frequently; so getting detailed information about how we can do load testing and what kind of problems we may encounter will provide us a better insight for our future work. For this purpose, I began to examine load testing frameworks.

The most popular ones I came up with were OpenSTA, JTRunner, Apache JMeter and The Grinder. I've eliminated OpenSTA because it only supports Win32 platforms, and JTRunner because of its complexity and lack of documentation. After that, it was hard to come to a conclusion between JMeter and The Grinder, because both were mature and feature-rich frameworks. After an in-depth comparison, we decided to go with The Grinder, mainly because of its comprehensive documentation and Python scripting support.

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