Project Roadmap & Schedule

By choosing a load testing framework, we have hit our first milestone :) . We have defined our subsequent milestones as follows:

  1. Build load-test environment
  2. Do load testing on the current version and obtain benchmarks (includes profiling on Java code and identification of bottlenecks)
  3. Update BOSH implementation to 1.6
  4. Load-test and obtain benchmarks (repetition of step #2)
  5. Make BOSH implementation work with Apache MINA (based on #2)
  6. Load-test, obtain benchmarks and finetune (repetition of step #2)

If things work out as planned, I will be completing the project in 8 weeks, starting at the beginning of June. We also think about some fancy stuff to do, in case everything goes even better that I will have time after completing this project. Here is my schedule (iCal):

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